I am grateful to their team for installing stone benchtops in our kitchen this week. It was absolutely a challenge, carrying the bulky benchtops all the way, to my flat using the lift. However, they did it all with minimum fuss. So if you are considering stone this time, go for West coast.

Sarah Turner

My newly installed kitchen benchtop appears stunning! Thanks to you guys! Regarding the process, I could not be any happier. Not only was West Coast accommodating but also polite. Regarding installers, they were outright professionals who carried out the kitchen benchtop installation job with utmost care and precision. Highly recommended!

Laura Brown

Right from measuring, interacting to installing, West Coast has been well organised. By crafting gorgeous benchtops and vanity tops, they left me thoroughly impressed. Their accuracy and dedication are commendable. I will surely contact them for the next job anytime in future.

Nathan Thompson